Sunday, September 2, 2012


First ASP VLOG!  And many more to come.

Check out Frugalfilmmaker at:  (

Plus Greenwood Lake Air Show videos:

This is Tech. Cpl. Upham of the Pathfinder Team 1, 101st Airborne Division, 502 PIR.  He's giving a sitrep and overview of his equipment used during the invasion of Normandy, France (Operation Overlord).  His reenactment was fantastic.  The real actor did not go out of line.  I give him and his fellow buddies props and a thumbs up.

And now, the MG 42, Hitler's Buzz Saw during World War 2.  A fantastic yet devastating weapon of war.

Anyways, I did a CrossFit workout called "Kelly."  The workout consist of:

400 meter run
30 Box Jumps on a 24 inch box
30 Wall Balls with a 20lb ball

For 5 rounds for time.  I did it for 37:39 with a friend.  Having a partner does make a difference in completing the workout.  We pushed each other and paced it out during the last few rounds.  It was hard and here's how I felt right after.

Awesome workout.

Stay tuned for more especially the Color Run video!

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