Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Modern Style Or Something At Least Different, But Modified...

Happy Tuesday!

Man, the season has changed dramatically for me.  I'm used to the warm summer weather and not the cold fall temperatures.  Another summer down, man I'm going to miss it.

Anyways, like the title says I'll be doing a modern filming style for the ASP.  I've looked back at my previous videos from when the ASP was born to today and I have to say that I need to improve my film capturing methods.  I was an amateur back then, but now, I've grown to be more a professional on what I wanted to film and the methods on how to do so.  In my future videos, you'll see a difference in my technique.

Now, I leave you off with my recent upload (in which I'm IN LOVE WITH THIS CAR) a 2012 Dodge Charger Super Bee SRT8.

I love the new styling of the Dodge Charger.  I'll be conflicted on which car to get.  My choices are (and yes they are ALL DODGES/CHRYSLER/Jeep) Dodge Charger, 300, Journey, 200, or Grand Cherokee.  My choice of engine will be the Pentastar 3.6L V6.  As much as I like the V8s, I prefer the V6 because it's in the middle of a I4 and V8.  Meaning that I get power almost like a V8, but with good fuel efficiency as a I4.  Plus, my typical driving route mostly in the city.

Overall, I <3 Dodge.  Don't forget to check out Thomas Colontonio who supplied me the track "From This Day Forward".  Here are the links to his sites:

OFFICIAL TRACK LINK:  (http://soundcloud.com/tomcolontonio/tom-colontonio-bryan-kearney)
SOUNDCLOUD:  (http://soundcloud.com/tomcolontonio)
WEBSITE:  (http://tomcolontonio.com/)
FACEBOOK:  (http://www.facebook.com/tomcolontoniomusic)

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