Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I'm a little late on this.  I was busy with other things around the house.

Anyways today while I was doing video edits for the ASP, I stumbled upon Steam's ( Pre-Order for Hitman: Absolution.  And I was EXCITED!  I love the Hitman series because of its gameplay and story.  On top of Pre-Odering Hitman: Absolution on Steam, I got the chance to play the Hitman Sniper Challenge.  I've seen the Sniper Challenge on other systems such as the PS3 and Xbox 360.  (PLEASE NOTE: I DID NOT WATCH HOW IT WAS EVER PLAYED.)  I immediately installed the Sniper Challenge and decided to do a quick video of a blind playthrough.  Here's what happened:

Truly AMAZING.  I'll definitely replay the challenge for a better score.  I know I could have done better, but hey, it's my first time

The Sniper Challenge / Absolution appears to be a big leap forward from Blood Money.  I'm anticipating that the graphics, gameplay, physics, story, and voice acting would improve.  My anticipation and beliefs are right.

The character animations appear to be smooth, but a little robotic and unnatural at times which reminds me of Blood Money.  The graphics by far is a MAJOR improvement.  There appears to be more natural lighting, soft reflections, and subtle details in the environment.  The sound appears to be crisp and realistic at times.  I love the sound of the sniper rifle firing and and when a bullet hits a NPC or wall.  The character animations such as reloading flows properly and the physics are outstanding.  When I reload the sniper rifle and load a fresh magazine, you can see the old magazine fall off naturally from 47's lap.  Truly AMAZING I have to say.

Overall, you'll see another upload of the Sniper Challenge done properly by me in the near future.

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