Monday, September 3, 2012

Working On Labor Day!?

Working on videos that is!  Considering Team FitBootCamp (FBC) and I did the Color Run at Raceway Park in Englishtown, NJ this past Saturday, I'm editing and finalizing the footage taken from the Go Pro.

Well, what about Muck Ruckus?  To be Frank even though that's not my name, I'm not getting a lot of inspiration on the video.  The event was awesome, but it was difficult to film all of Team FBC's action moments.  Rugged Maniac was easier than Muck Ruckus because of obstacle placements.  Muck Ruckus's course was spread out compared to Rugged Maniac; however, I'll continue with the video editing and complete it ASAP.

Special shout out goes to Team FBC and the owners of it.  Without them, I wouldn't be as fit and healthy, and I think I would not have survived a 5k on a steady paced run.

I leave you off with this.

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