Friday, August 9, 2013

New Universal Title: ASP Productions

With ASP steadily growing and new chapters being born (gaming, weaponry, filming, etc.), I've decided to put the organize all videos and films into one hub.  I call this hub ASP Productions.

ASP Productions not only focuses on cars, motorcycles, and vehicles, but it also encompasses video games, weaponry, film, and anything sexy.

So with FPS American Pinoy, that's going to fall under ASP Productions.  My screen name gurilla47, Tophermen, VICIOUS all = to ASP Productions.

This makes it easy for me to organize and narrow down all videos as the ASP Productions.  And it makes sense to have one universal name instead of different names.

So for now on, it's going to be the ASP Productions.

I now leave you off with this.  Enjoy!

Thursday, August 8, 2013


I've been on vacation for about 2 weeks and I have captured a lot of good footage.  In capturing such awesome footage, I got to view and edit them all.  This will take some time for me to do so.  If I don't upload any new videos within a few days, that means I'm still in the editing process.

The videos that I've uploaded recently were scheduled to be posted up.  Thank goodness for YouTube Video Upload Schedule.

As for what I've captured, well you'll see within the next few weeks.

Here's an example:

In addition, I'll be filming more videos within the next few weeks with my camera.  For my gaming videos, I will do my best to capture, edit, and upload them in a professional gaming walkthrough manner.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Rugged Maniac NJ 2013 and Contour Roam 2


The Rugged Maniac NJ 2013 Trailer will be out tomorrow, 7/21/13.  The full video is still in production.  Thing is, I've been pretty busy with work that I'm not able to devote much time into editing the footage.

In addition, I've come across an issue with the last parts of the Rugged Maniac footage I've captured with my Contour Roam 2.  Sadly, the ending part of the Rugged Maniac run cannot be retrieved and used.  This is a first for me of this issue.  I'll be investigating if it's the Contour Roam 2 or the micro SD card.

Anyways, I'm busy doing videos so I'll leave you off with my previous mud run of MuckFest NJ 2013.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Fast Times for a Changing World

I haven't posted any blog posts up within the past few months.  I've been very busy with work and my projects have been piling up.

With summer here already, I've organized myself (still in the process) of editing and uploading videos.

OUT goes the daily videos and IN goes the weekly videos.

I will upload videos and post blogs, but not on a daily basis.

However, I will post up pictures on my Google+ page which is located here:


The URL looks ugly don't it?  I'll figure it out to make it sexy.

And considering Google+ is a better social media outlet, I'll be posting up more stuff there than Blogger.

In addition, YouTube has now made it mandatory for YouTube pages to be on the One Channel Design.  This has impacted A LOT of YouTubers both good and bad.  Good for those who know how to do graphic design.  Bad for those who don't know how to do graphic design.  I'm in between.

With this change, my channel has of coursed changed in its looks.

In order for me to get in the flow of these fast changing times, I've went through the YouTube Academy and found it very helpful; however, I found the course to be too quick for my liking.  I wasn't able to finish the course on time and receive a certificate of completion due to work at my 9-5 job.  I hope they can extend the deadline in completing the course in the future.

The One Channel utilizes organization and a banner that can be seen on all platforms (PC, smartphone, tablets, smart TV).

Tips on how to make a banner and a template on where to get one is located here:

I found this video to be VERY helpful.  Thanks Karen!

Anyways, I leave you off with this muddy experience.

The full video will be aired on Monday, 6/24/13 at 1PM EST.

Stay tuned!

Saturday, April 6, 2013


I'm currently in the middle of doing a video game playthrough of FAR CRY 3 on PC in which I like to call a "FUN RUN."  The FAR CRY 3 Fun Runs are awesome, but a lot.  What I say is mostly non scripted and usually improvised on the spot given on the situation.

Considering I have a lot of FAR CRY 3 videos that I need to pump out, I need to upload them faster.  This means at least 2 FAR CRY 3 videos will be uploaded daily.

There will be random days where a FAR CRY 3 video won't be posted.  Those days and times will focus on the Auto-Showcase Project (ASP).  Warmer weather is coming up and I've got my sights on a few cool DD (Daily Driver) cars.  Plus, I'll be attending car meets this month of April to May.  And then of course in the summer.

So with this awesome news of more FAR CRY 3 videos, I give you one!

Don't forget to check out more of my FAR CRY 3 Fun Run videos in my profile.

Plus, get the game!  It's REALLY AWESOME!

It's available on the PC, PS3, and XBOX360.

As for Hitman: Absolution, I'm taking my sweet ass time on that game, but it'll be done.  I guarantee it.

Saturday, March 16, 2013


Hey Everyone,

I've been really busy doing A LOT of projects and side projects, plus working and training.

I recently went to a gun range and fired a Glock 17 9mm handgun and Ruger SR22 .22 caliber handgun.  And I got to say that was FUN.

A video of my first time experience shooting handguns will be up soon.

Along the lines of video uploads, I've got tons of video in storage that I will eventually edit and upload.

Just being busy with work, training, and other things in life hampers my ability to upload awesome content in a timely manner.  So please don't be discouraged if I don't respond to a comment as quickly as I can or upload Hitman: Absolution videos.

It takes a lot of time and effort to do such things.  I wish I had a few helpers to assist me.

Keep on a look out for more videos on my YouTube page, Google+ page, and this blog.

Here's an old ASP Re-Upload video:

Monday, February 11, 2013

Long Time, No Update?

Yes.  It has been some time since I have last updated the ASP blog.

I'm proud to say that I have a full-time steady and secure job, but with this new job comes new changes and responsibilities.

I do not have the luxury of working on my ASP videos full-time.  I can only do them part-time.

Additionally, the winter season also plays a role in what cars I can video.

However, with this new onset that I have predicted, I will be redoing and re-uploading old videos I've done before.

The old car videos I have in my archives will be re-edited and re-uploaded in a better fashion.

Plus, on the side of doing the ASP, I'm creating video game walkthroughs / playthroughs.  Here's an example:

This is a new year for the ASP and myself.

I have more plans and ideas for the ASP and in general film-making.  So stay tuned for what's in store for 2013.