Sunday, June 23, 2013

Fast Times for a Changing World

I haven't posted any blog posts up within the past few months.  I've been very busy with work and my projects have been piling up.

With summer here already, I've organized myself (still in the process) of editing and uploading videos.

OUT goes the daily videos and IN goes the weekly videos.

I will upload videos and post blogs, but not on a daily basis.

However, I will post up pictures on my Google+ page which is located here:


The URL looks ugly don't it?  I'll figure it out to make it sexy.

And considering Google+ is a better social media outlet, I'll be posting up more stuff there than Blogger.

In addition, YouTube has now made it mandatory for YouTube pages to be on the One Channel Design.  This has impacted A LOT of YouTubers both good and bad.  Good for those who know how to do graphic design.  Bad for those who don't know how to do graphic design.  I'm in between.

With this change, my channel has of coursed changed in its looks.

In order for me to get in the flow of these fast changing times, I've went through the YouTube Academy and found it very helpful; however, I found the course to be too quick for my liking.  I wasn't able to finish the course on time and receive a certificate of completion due to work at my 9-5 job.  I hope they can extend the deadline in completing the course in the future.

The One Channel utilizes organization and a banner that can be seen on all platforms (PC, smartphone, tablets, smart TV).

Tips on how to make a banner and a template on where to get one is located here:

I found this video to be VERY helpful.  Thanks Karen!

Anyways, I leave you off with this muddy experience.

The full video will be aired on Monday, 6/24/13 at 1PM EST.

Stay tuned!

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