Friday, August 31, 2012

350Z Start-Up and Rev... Plus, Continuous Work

Continuation of the 2006 Nissan 350Z, the Start-Up and Rev video!

The sound of the 350Z is pure and crisp.  The exhaust note is elegant and a head-turner.  You can tell I love the sound :D

Thanks to the owner of the 06 Nissan 350Z and to DJ Myde for his musical contribution.  Check out DJ Myde here:


As for ASP and video work, I have TONS and TONS of footage to go through.  I have the airshow to complete and finalize, Muck Ruckus, and others.  Anyways, here's going to be a snip it of an upcoming ASP upload.

You can see where this is going.  :D

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Quick Beach Visit... And Spotted This!

Today, my fiance and I took a quick visit to the Jersey Shore with friends for some R & R.  It was calm and relaxing considering the amount of work the both of us endure.  Plus while at the shore, I spotted this baby parked on the street.

This beautiful Maserati GranTurismo was "sitting" quietly on the street.  It's truly a head turner.  I think people who passed by it were either A) not interested in the Maserati, B) seen something similar on the road, or C) seen something better on the road and it's not a head turner.

Anyways, I ASP'ed it and it will be the new profile pic for the Facebook ASP.

I took video of it for sure.  The Maserati will be on the chopping block in a short while.

Check out the ASP's Facebook page!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Do You Zee the Light?

I can Zee the light and it looks AMAZING.

The Nissan 350Z is an amazing car despite what critics say.  It's a head turner like its bigger brother, the Nissan GT-R.

I recorded this 2006 Nissan 350Z at the NJ TAKEOVER 2012 Car Show in Ramsey, NJ hosted by Model Electronics.  A Nissan 350Z was on my list of cars to capture.  And I did capture it.  Funny thing is, there was another 350Z next to it and I captured that one as well.

The music in the video is by DJ Myde.  The song featured is called "Anther Step."  You can view his profiles here:


Props goes out to him and his musical contributions.

And don't worry, the special Camaro I posted up a few posts before will be uploaded.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

MG 34 (Maschinengewehr 34) on the ASP!?


As I promised (somewhat) from my previous post.  Here's the mighty MG 34 (Maschinengewehr 34) mounted on an AA platform.

This machine gun and many others were on display at the Greenwood Lake Airshow in West Milford.  I have other weapon videos like this so be on watch for them.  Sadly, these weapons cannot be fired during the airshow because of, well, people and kids being there.  This MG 34 and others like it were not loaded with real ammunition (which is Duh!).

Anyways and like I said, be on the look out for more WW2 weapons in the near future!


Saturday, August 25, 2012

Multitasking with Video Projects

As the title says, I'm multitasking on video projects.  I'm doing ASP here, Muck Ruckus there, airshow here, and scheduling shoots there.

As for ASP, I've got a video already lined up for uploading, but I'm waiting for the right time to do so.  It's done, but due to my schedule and the lack of being behind my main working PC, it's tough to upload awesome videos at the right moments.  With this video, you'll see a throwback of a previous car I've taken, but a few months later and at a different time.  Here's a snip it:

This guy is locked 'nd loaded for bear.

Back to multitasking, here's another photo of something cool:

Comment below to tell me what this bad boy is.  I have a video already produced for this and others like it.

Now, I'm hopefully scheduled to go to a car meet tomorrow, Sunday, August 26th.  I say hopefully because I have something to do as well that will take up most of my day...  Oh well, I hope for the best.

I now leave you a video of a 2012 Jeep Compass Altitude for you to watch.  Why?  Because it needs more views!

Thank you.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

2 Videos for 1 Day Deal

Today's Special is a 2 Videos for 1 Day Deal!

Uploaded today on my YouTube page are a Chevy Corvette Grand Sport (sorry no specified year) and a beautiful 2012 Jeep Compass ALTITUDE.

Chevy Corvette Grand Sport:

2012 Jeep Compass Altitude:

More videos are on their way to the ASP/YouTube page.  I've been backed up (literally) due to work and other obligations in life so I'm doing my best to get the videos done "correctly and efficiently" and uploaded in a timely manner.  Plus, I'm doing scheduled shoots here and there.  Just be patient as to when a video will be posted up.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Start-Up of the NEST BEE, 2010 Chevy Camaro 2SS/RS

Start-Up of the NEST BEE.

The last time I saw this same Chevy Camaro was at the NJ TAKEOVER in Ramsay, NJ a year ago (August 2011).  Just looking at it now, it has changed SIGNIFICANTLY.  It's amazing to see how much the customization look's artistic.  And the thing is, Brent will keep on adding and modifying it.  Here's the same Camaro a year ago:

You can tell the huge changes on the before and after.

Now I'm off to editing my video footage and photos I've taken this past weekend.

And don't forget to check out Nuno Rodrigues, the music artist in supplying me the song "Euphoria."


Sunday, August 19, 2012

Film and Photo Opportunity with EXHAUSTION

I had an awesome film and photo opportunity today in West Milford, NJ.  I attended the Greenwood Lake Airshow and had TONS of opportunities in film and photo making.  I took more film than photo, but I had time constraints.  I wish I was there a bit longer.  Here are a few snip its of what I took:

An awesome Douglas C-47 paratrooper carrier with my grandparents.  J/K :P

Vintage and real Japanese display of firearms and equipment.

 101st Screaming Eagle 506th Paratrooper displaying his M1 Garand.

An awesome plane that flew by overhead at the beginning of the airshow.  I forgot what this was called...

Anyways, I spent about 5 hours there observing, filming, and photographing everything I could.  The downside was that there were a lot of kids running around the displays and interrupting my shots.  I had to do MANY retakes.  Video will be posted up soon.  Overall, a fantastic and exhausting day.  :D

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Muck Ruckus MS Event: August 18, 2012 - West Orange, NJ

I took part as my gym's photographer and video man for the Muck Ruckus MS Event in West Orange, NJ.  I got a lot of photos, but I wished I had gotten more.  The course was spread out and long compared to the Rugged Manic Event I went to in Englishtown, NJ in July of 2012.  Either way, I got photographs and video footage of my team participating the event.

Afterwards, the team had a good lunch at the near by restaurant, McLoone's Boathouse.  I had a hummus wrap with coleslaw, pickle, chips, and Pinot Noir.  I'm not much of a drinker, but one glass of Pinot Noir hit me HARD.  And being on Paleo made the experience even difficult.

Anyways, the team and I had a great time.  Plus, as I was driving home, I got this on camera and spoke to the owner.  Here's a future ASP car.

2010 Dodge Challenger MOPAR 10, you are in my sights...

Friday, August 17, 2012

2010 Chevy Camaro 2SS/RS The NEST BEE (ASP) FULL HD

When Brent sent me the invitation for the Smokin' Bow Ties meet, I NEEDED to go.  It's been some time that I haven't seen Brent, the club, and his Camaro.  From the pictures I've seen on the club's Facebook page, Brent customized the hell out of it.  It looks amazing NOW than BEFORE when I filmed it.  Brent stated that he'll do more modifications to the engine eventually.

Looking back at my original video, it's like night and day.  And man, a year went by so quickly...

ASP Blog ReStart

Hey ASP'ers,

I just restarted the ASP Blog and moved it to here, wasn't my cup of tea per say due to its customization abilities.  Hopefully, this new blog will be better.

Anyways, keep a watchful eye on more ASP videos!