Saturday, July 20, 2013

Rugged Maniac NJ 2013 and Contour Roam 2


The Rugged Maniac NJ 2013 Trailer will be out tomorrow, 7/21/13.  The full video is still in production.  Thing is, I've been pretty busy with work that I'm not able to devote much time into editing the footage.

In addition, I've come across an issue with the last parts of the Rugged Maniac footage I've captured with my Contour Roam 2.  Sadly, the ending part of the Rugged Maniac run cannot be retrieved and used.  This is a first for me of this issue.  I'll be investigating if it's the Contour Roam 2 or the micro SD card.

Anyways, I'm busy doing videos so I'll leave you off with my previous mud run of MuckFest NJ 2013.

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