Thursday, September 20, 2012


I'm truly addicted to the Hitman Sniper Challenge.  I've been playing it A LOT.  I've been playing so much of it that I decided to create some How To / Walkthroughs guides in getting certain achievements.  Here's one Achievement called "Elevated."  Watch the video:

Poor guy, but a job's a job.

Speaking of jobs, here's another ASP job or upload.  Here's an awesome AMC AMX JAVELIN featuring AliPa's track "Trancetimental Journey."

You don't see these types of cars anymore on the road, especially AMC.  I had to get this car on camera for sure considering the history.

Anyways, I'll be uploading more Hitman Sniper Challenge How To / Walkthrough guides on my channel.  They will be intermingled with other ASP videos.

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