Thursday, September 6, 2012

PROJECT SS at its finest...

Remember this Camaro?  You should because I showcased this same Camaro months ago and a lot has changed.  Here's the original:

Oh the memories...  This Camaro is truly a mean one.  It is SUPERCHARGED to 666.3 RWHP.  Plus, has a Playstation 3 modded into the passenger dashboard!  Not a PS2, but a PS frickin' 3!  The owner states he'll be customizing it more and possibly install Lambo doors like the CAMARO NEST BEE.

Special thanks goes to my good friend Pablo Artigas for his hit track "Wacheeta."  You can get the track here:

iTUNES:  (

The second video of PROJECT SS will be up shortly. :D

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