Monday, November 5, 2012

Temporarily Down, But Not Out

The ASP is temporarily down, but not out.

Hurricane Sandy swept through NJ like a bitch on wheels.  The storm has destroyed lives and made living in the modern world a bit harder, but better days are coming.

It's time to rebuild and continue on with our lives; however, we cannot forget this event.

Plus, we cannot forget last years event on Halloween of 2011.

Disasters like this cannot be forgotten and held lightly.

It is best now to prepare for the next disaster or catastrophic event.  This sounds like the apocalypse is coming.  Technically it is, but it isn't at the same time.

Disasters and catastrophic events come and go, and some times they can be predicted (formations and paths of weather, behavior of animals, local news of what's currently happening).

However, many of us are not prepared for the event and are caught off guard when it happens.

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When the lights went out on Monday, October 29th, I found myself dumbstruck and mentally unprepared.  I had flashlights, batteries, candles, matches, defensive weapons, phone, first aid kit, and etc. at the ready, but I was not prepared for it in mind and I didn't have a plan on what to do next.

I sat at my desk in the dark.  What I should have done was make sure that my other resources such as food, water, firewood, coal, family members, friends, and neighbors were in check.

My food supply was okay.  My fiance and I placed them in a cooler with ice and transported them to my sister-in-law's home who had available power and room in the refrigerator.

Water was okay because the water line was unaffected.

Firewood and coal were low, but manageable.  I would need to buy more coal for the next event and firewood is plentiful in my area.

My family members and friends were okay and were able to manage themselves.  They live a few miles from us, but we were able to communicate easily via cell service.

However, some of my neighbors were not so good and that's one thing I (and others who read this) need to work on: BUILDING A GOOD RELATIONSHIP WITH NEIGHBORS.

We all have neighbors living next or across from us and some times, we don't get into their business and they don't get into ours.  Most of us now live in a technology world of Facebook, Twitter, and Google.  That's where we find most of our friends.  We forget the basic aspects of being social which is face to face verbal contact.

And that's sad.

Where's the sense of community with your neighbors?

If you have good relations with your neighbors, then that's good and you're one step ahead of me.

But if you don't, then you need to build one.


Because neighbors (like people and strangers) are an important resource in rebuilding a destroyed community.

A band of neighbors can move a tree that's blocking a road instead of waiting for county road workers.  A band of neighbors can help those who are trapped in a home instead of waiting for EMS.  A band of neighbors can rally up and defend their homes from thieving opportunists instead of police who might be stretched too thin.

Getting a group of neighbors to help you and each other out is better than going through a terrible event alone.  You and your neighbors can survive a lot longer compared to going at it alone.

Plus, neighbors utilized in a specific way can have quite an impact and be a game changer in a situation.  REMEMBER, NEIGHBORS HAVE CERTAIN SKILLS THAT CAN BE USEFUL.  If your neighbor knows first aid and you're hurt, he or she can save your life!

So now, what do you do knowing this valuable commodity and resource?

Basically, introduce yourself to your neighbor.  Say hi or wave to them whenever you see them.  Offer them help if they need it.  Give them a resource (fruit, vegetables, firewood).  Invite them over for a BBQ.

"A good neighbor - a found treasure."  - Chinese Proverb

Sound off!  What do you think?  Do you have any relations with your neighbors?  Or are you a hermit?

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